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    Madame Li Ying – London

    London based Chinese Dominatrix and Medical Sadist specialising in heavy medical play and classical BDSM journeys for a selection of slaves, masochists, submissives and bottoms in UK and Europe. Medical fetish play will inevitably include some, or sometimes all, of the following: CP, CBT, needles, catheterisation, scrotal infusion, anal training and stretching, blood drawing, urethral sounds, pain and pleasure, sensual sadism, electro stimulation, restriction and bondage. My play style varies according to whom I am playing with. I am energetic, strict, playful and wickedly sadistic. I am very hands on, very assertive in every day life and I will use My Feminine powers against you to move you to My…

  • The Cruel Adventuress
    Mistresses in London,  Mistresses in the UK

    The Cruel Adventuress

    Dominating the male species is both my craft & trade; both of which I take wicked pleasure in. With 13 years experience I still love exploring the individual, creating & destroying, toying & teasing. As a professional Domme I take into consideration the individual sub/masochist/slave, their experience level, areas of interest and limits accordingly to immerse them, heal them, break them, make them, ultimately satiating their dark desires of mind & body. The Cruel Adventuress is based in London UK Visit The Cruel Adventuress’ website here https://www.tThecrueladventuress.com/ Q and A with The Cruel Adventuress: Q: Firstly, can we ask your Mistress name: A: I was actually known as Mistress Sadie…

  • Mistresses in London,  Mistresses in the UK

    Goddess Cyn

    Afro-Latin London based Dominatrix. Playfully Sadistic, extremely inappropriate & a living Goddess.Naturally dominant, I take great pleasure in training you on how to become obedient, loyal and committed submissive to attend to my every need. You will learn to love pain for Me & thank Me for having such a positive impact in your life. Visit Goddess Cyn’s Website http://www.goddess-cyn.com See the Q and A interview with Goddess Cyn London here: Q: Firstly, can we ask your Mistress name: A: Certainly. I’m Goddess Cyn  Q:  How did you start in BDSM?A: Looking back now, I’d always been a kinky/experimental person but being raised in a religious home – the topic…

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