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Mistress Salina Reign

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Mistress Salina twice now at Fetish House. I have not been ...

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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy

Queen of #Cleavage. #Sexualhealth educator and advocate.

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Corporal Punishment Dominatrix

I want you to teach me an oral sex technique called “sexual heroin,” because it makes men addicted to doing anything just to be with me. 

BDSM can be a leisure or a life – a changing journey, and submissive men and kinksters travel internationally to experience it all. I play with whipping enthusiasts and curious people from all walks of life who need a little spice and erotic exploration. In the UK, as a travelling coach, I strive for quality at every disciplinary meeting, but I also meet international fans who indulge in a variety of behaviours that are red-faced and relaxed, with a view to the long-term health and well-being of their partner

While I hold back, I can devote myself to the following BDSM arts: I offer spanking equipment, lubricants, rope, and a variety of shackles and fettering positions. I have a wide selection of spanked benches and other equipment, a list of which can be found on the Dungeon Equipment page. 

You can give your subordinates a BDSM punishment that is appropriate for your offense. The scenarios you can try are a combination of: beatings, submission, bondage and other forms of punishment. You may outline the task and the penalty in your BDSM contract, or it may be more informal (more on this in my post about BDSM contracts). 

Perhaps you can train your subservience with a focus on positive reinforcement and negative punishment. They may also have an education in service relations, rather than focusing more on the sensations of sadomasochism, bondage and discipline. 

They are probably looking for the superior expertise and professionalism that comes from specialising in the field of subservience and submissive service relationships, rather than the more traditional discipline. The main difference between punishment and discipline is that the second can also be positive and rewarding when it is earned. If you correct or instruct your subordinates, discipline them, but if they disobey you or please you, they will be punished. You must be able to flaunt, serve and amuse real submissive, masochist and fetishist people by obeying and ceding control. 

If you are given a form of punishment that lasts a long time, there is a good chance that you will have to make sacrifices to see it happen. For any wimps who want to punish themselves, caning is probably the answer. There is no particular joy in pronouncing the punishment that the submissive recommended as appropriate. If someone loves beating in any form as punishment, they should be beaten as the best reward, which will certainly make it more pleasant. 

What is Corporal Punishment?

The following BDSM punitive suggestions and advice will help you find a relationship that works for you. I mentioned the cane above, but even if your submissive is afraid of caning, it is still a good tool to use even as a BDSM punishment. 

I particularly like to administer playful smacks and have guided many buttocks-buttocks movements through exhilarating strokes. There is nothing wrong with taking just a handful of blows with a relatively soft device, but I am a big fan of the cane. 

How do I really want to know if the Submissive is remorseful when he learns a lesson or just does what I say? It is perhaps as simple as asking the slave to write 100 times that he or she will not perform the forbidden act. What exactly do you wear when you ask for a policeman in uniform? 

Corporal Punishment Sessions

If you want a short session as punishment, which may be appointed by the court, Mariah is the perfect role – the player to do it. Perhaps there is a place where you can steal a lady’s gaze in full-grown stockings when she is not looking. 

Control over the personality of a young woman, especially one as young as Mariah, will lead you into a world of pure hedonistic domination. 

I take great pleasure in making them completely helpless and completely immobile through bondage, and I do this very lively. I have no qualms about taking a submissive man by the hand to punish him and play with him. It is not just gratuitous sadism, though I obviously enjoy it, but formal, structured sentences of significant torture that allow me to live out my greatest fantasies while she trembles with agony. 

I love to explore the lives of my subservient and take time to know what makes her tick, how she got the beating and how the practice of corporal punishment can help her grow. Of course, for some complicated women, BDSM fetishes and interests do not begin and end with corporations and punishment. However, there is no doubt that my wife and I enjoy it and believe that discipline in the house is the best and most constructive way to help us focus and achieve the best results we can achieve in our daily lives.