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Financial Domination

In recent years, an erotic form of humiliation, in which a subordinate loses control of his wallet to a dominant, has received a lot of airtime. On the surface, it might seem that a fetish of financial domination is about giving someone carte blanche to access their money. Having an account to lure people willing to be money slaves is therefore the very first step. Financial dominance is mainly online, but it is also widespread in the real world. 

Financial Dominatrix

If you want to become a financial dominatrix, you must first learn to be a domme and understand what it means to be a domme at all. Sources: 2

Financial domination is a sexually arousing game in which you experience psychological pleasure as a result of the humiliation of a particular financial asset. The definition is that financial dominance is to be achieved by a game of sexual arousal, with money being the means of consensual abuse, rather than shackles or ball gags. Financial dominance is also called money slavery and is basically a form of sexual abuse by people who want to be controlled by another person for money. It sounds like it and is well known in the known world of feminism, but the fetish of financial domination basically involved a paid pig, or rather a paid pig, transferring a large amount of money to a woman via the Internet. 

If you are not a man who wants to be a financial slave, you do not need a financial dominatrix, but if the idea of making money for nothing appeals to literally everyone, then financial dominance is a way for you. The submissive person or finsub is attracted by the fact that the dominatrix will have access to a large amount of money, usually in the form of cash or other financial assets. In such a relationship, the subordinate gains sexual pleasure in giving her his hard-earned money. 

FinSub Financial Submission

Financial dominance is another mechanism that allows the willing participant to experience erotic pleasure and exchange financial well-being – by stimulating it. Just like playing with breath and blood, financial dominance is the consensual exchange of the vitality of another for one’s own. 

Financial Domination Mistress

The responsible financial dominatrix must have limits, but above all she must enjoy the psychological advantage of financial dominance. We will now begin to unpack the three main reasons why financial dominance is convenient for a money slave. Financial dominance is also a form of sexual pleasure for the participant, not only for her own financial well-being – that of her being, but also that of her partner.

Financial dominance is a fetish in which men can satisfy themselves by donating money to women online. Most often, it takes the form of a submissive man who hands over money and control to a woman in exchange for sexual gratification and a sense of control over his financial life. It is usually seen as sexual pleasure for the submissive man who gives up money and thus control. 

One could argue that some find erotic pleasure in being blackmailed, but this kind of relationship usually involves more than just sexual gratification and a sense of control over one’s financial life. The world of financial domination is played out in a multitude of different ways, some of which seem to have been overcome. There are many different forms of financial domination in the online world, and there is a wide range of submissive relationships for men and women alike.

I am a sensual sadist who uses financial dominance as one of the many tools at my disposal. I spoke to a Dominican financial woman based in Europe who has been involved in financial dominance for over 10 years. Above all, women who exercise financial domination regard it as a practice in many ways. She explained: ‘Financial dominance attracts subservient men because there is a very strong power dynamic based on money. 

But scratching the surface makes it a little harder to understand, and the fact is that the roles are reversed in a society that has often been quite patriarchal for a long time. As Lynch explained, BDSM is about the exchange of power and financial dominance is no different. People who are superior in the workplace behave like submissive feints, because they are responsible for everything in the workplace. Financial dominance is not a kink that most people understand because most are against it, but as Lynch explains, “People with financial fetishes, whether they like it or not, often act submissive or findom because of their things.

Princess Lyne has long had a financial dominance and sells clips of her performing with men on the website iwantclip.com. There are other financial dominatrix called Vivian Natas, who sell clips and pictures to serve as financial subservience, and there are others with a call – motivated by a call – who send new domes, who pocket their $200 and then contact them again, although the latter is probably more about financial fetishes than financial dominance. Asari is a finalist because she has moved to dominance in finance after realizing that she has a knack for dominance.