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Findom Dominatrix

Financial dominance, also known as findom, is one of the many sexual fetishes that fall under the BDSM umbrella. The erotic form of humiliation, in which a subordinate loses control of his wallet to a dominant player, has received a lot of airtime in recent years. Financial dominance, as it is called, is the most basic known and is the place where money transactions take place. 

Findom Fetish

Most often, she takes the form of a submissive man who hands over money and control to a dominant player like a dominatrix or a woman in a BDSM relationship. Most often, this is taken in exchange for money, which he leaves to the dominant man in exchange for sexual gratification. 

Traditionally, the sub- paypigs (most men) and dominatrix have developed a relationship in which the dominatrix, who is mostly a woman, controls all aspects of financial life in the form of humiliating and erotic games. In this relationship, the lower sexual desire wins by giving up hard-earned money to his financial domination rix, but this satisfaction comes with voluntary financial surrender and humiliation. The submissive is verbally humiliated by the dominatrix and the man turned on by financial dominance is more likely to get spanked on his bank account than on his ass when he turns his back on her.

Pigs (those who pay money to the financial dominatrix only to be ignored, talked down, humiliated, ignored, and abused) are the ones who keep making them come back.

Becoming a dominatrix from a niche like the Findomme takes time, practice, and research, but being a domme is first and foremost a skill. To really get to know someone and understand their kinks or fetish, you have to understand what it means to be a dominatrix in the first place. Those interested in financial domination will first learn what a paid shit is. Domina is about skill, it’s about learning and understanding yourself and the people around you.

If you are someone who wants to become a financial dominatrix, you should know the full procedure, starting with outed yourself as a findom and exercising appropriate and strict control over your subdivision. I have heard stories of financial dominance going wrong and spiralling out of control when female financial dominatricians take things too far, fail to care or fail to recognise the real needs of their financial institutions. Ingenuity should not be imposed on anyone in the first place, but it is an important part of the process. 

People who are superior in the workplace, whether they are responsible for everything in the workplace, behave submissively in all their things to darkness, even if they do not like it. 

Best Findom’s in the World

The job of the wage pig is to do what they say and to give the dominatrix her financial control, and the pleasure of the financial submissive is basically to offer her a payment known as a tribute. The relationship between a dominant and a submissive person is different, as with any sexual fetish. Mistress Harley, a financial Dominican from California, explains: “The payment of tribute is considered the most submissive act of devotion and devotion, but it is simply given without the expectation of anything in return. As with all sexual fetishes, the relationships between the dominant and the submissive person are different, and both the mistress and Harley’s subordinates are at different stages of their relationship with their dominators. 

There are various forms of financial dominance, but the most common is when the financial subservient gives his mistress total power over the money or she gives him a small monthly or weekly allowance. Some financial dominance and findom relationships consist of a payment, others are regulated by regular money transfers. The money a financial dominatrix earns depends on her hiring – she has contact with her subordinates, and some men hand over a set amount of cash to the domme for each month and ask her to design a minimal budget as well. 

She explains that financial dominance attracts subservient men because there is a very strong power dynamic based on money. She adds that it takes much more for a girl to become a financial dominatrix than just being bossy and bitchy to a man. Fury says that in the case of financial domination and financial gain, giving money without reward can inspire people to take it. 

She lives in Los Angeles and is a sensual sadist who uses financial dominance as one of the many tools at her disposal. There is one such financial dominatrix called Vivian Natas, who sells clips and pictures to serve as financial subservience, will probably be a great source of information about financial dominance and submissive women. 

There are also more extreme forms of this fetish, including the idea that a domme threatens to blackmail a subdivision if it does not agree to its terms, or give it the passwords for its bank account so that it can take as much money as it wants. Some submissive women are referred to as “slaves” or “pets,” and in some ways they can be played with in many ways.