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Rubber Dominatrix

Sex with Sandra examines some of the biggest sex discussions currently taking place on the internet. Welcome to the ever-changing side of sex in the age of social media and the latest in a long line of bebe-ing features from the world’s best sex bloggers. 

Mistress Annabel has high standards of behaviour and expects nothing less from you in her manner, presentation and demeanour. After reading all pages of this website thoroughly, take your time and take a mature approach to ensure that you are of interest to all of us. I think I will blow the cobwebs off the rubber girl dress chain and show you what it means to be a rubber bondage prisoner. 

This extraordinary journey begins to capture your imagination and inspire you to become a rubber bondage prisoner of the most famous fetish woman in the world, Mistress Annabel. Integrity, perversity, and a keen attention to detail await you when you equip yourself with the skills and abilities that fetishists need to move far away from the constraints of the outside world. A special electrifying atmosphere awaits you and you venture into a time when time stands still and your most ardent fetish dreams and wishes are realized with skill and integrity. 

Say goodbye to the simple life you have had while learning quickly how to increase your suffering as a prisoner in rubber bondage. Going out in a maid’s uniform and chains is a very simple day you really wanted to give yourself, but you get packed at the beginning of the film. As you can see from the video, you are in extreme rubber bondage and love to be a real rubber fetishist. The rubber dolls are all masked and chained together with chains and handcuffs, just like in real life.

The tips of the bondage mittens are attached to the head with the end of a cross bar in the “bondage frame.” They are equipped with rubber gloves that are strapped under the armpits, tightly laced and adapted to you. 

The “chastity shell” compresses the metal plate, which establishes perfect electrical contact with the sides of your tail. Your tail becomes extremely erect, making the electric shock even worse when your erection pushes against the metal plate and makes better contact. The shocks from the shock unit are fully effective and you could feel the sweat running down your body, which creates a more serious problem if you make sure the tail finds its way to the “chastity” on the side of your body. 

The heat of the rubber suit’s double thickness builds up slowly as you push against the suspension you are holding on to. 

The suffering and pain are becoming more and more intense, as the control unit keeps the electric shocks going for longer and longer. The only saving grace of this new torment is that you do not turn off your stun gun while in your chastity belt. 

Rubber Uniform Dominatrix

Next weekend it will be a completely different situation, as we have a mistress who is away for a fetish meeting at the weekend. It’s now past eleven o’clock, and it’s midnight when we get our rubber suit strapped on and hung up. The rubber girl uniform and the chain set must be removed before our visitors come, so we have to wait. 

I decide to tell you what will happen so you know that we have found our utopia and we will meet the two rubber devils from hell. 

Mistress Annabel is a rubber fetishist and tries to make her slaves as happy as possible in the world of rubber bondage. In this video, the slaves are locked in isolation boxes for the first three hours and left behind in inflatable rubber “bondage bags.” At the end of the day and night we are put into rubber boat bags and tied in this position for a whole day. We are bound in a bondage bag with rubber dinghies and rubber bands hanging in the air. S

Rubber Bondage Mistresses

To get the most out of it, I wear a gas mask, so I feel like I’m locked in a giant rubber cage with a huge rubber band around my neck. Long lonely hours of rubber bondage made me extremely horny, so I decided to wear a super heavy suit, black style and satisfy myself with more massive orgasms. I was fixated on de-bonding myself and masturbating more and more until I had to go out in a super – heavy black suit – style. 

I was tortured as a slave for a long time, with the help of a group of other rubber bondage slaves and some other people in the area.

The stiff and unyielding rubber suit made the bondage more unbearable and I felt the need to add more straps to secure myself on the bondage bench. Later I was tied up and the others suffered for 3 hours, the Chastity Belt cable was pushed through a small hole in the crotch of the rubber suit. I’m still surrounded by the double thickness of my rubber suit, but now I’m strapped into a tight, immobile ball