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Ms. Arielle

Through your body into your mind...

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Mistress Salina Reign

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Mistress Salina twice now at Fetish House. I have not been ...

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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy

Queen of #Cleavage. #Sexualhealth educator and advocate.

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High Stilettos Higher Standards

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Spanking Dominatrix

We have the finest Mistresses that specialize in spanking their clients. The level of spanking is to be decided by the Mistress and yourself depending on your level of pain acceptance.

Spanking is an art form that a Dominatrix practices daily to get the level of control that can create the most pain necessary and either leave no mark or if you prefer leaves the biggest mark.

Spanking Expertise

The Mistresses on this page have listed themselves as having a level of spanking expertise. Spanking from a Dominatrix can come in a number of ways. Bare handed spanking is the most intimate form, but for the shear pain factor some prefer to use crops and whips to inflict the most pain for the effort.

Spanking is one of the ultimate forms of punishment that a Mistress can give to a sub. Sometimes it will be given because the submissive has displeased the Mistress in some way, or it may form the whole purpose of the visit the the Pro Domme.

Spanking Domme’s Services

You can review each Domme’s profile to see what kind of spanking services are available in a session. Erotic spanking is one of the most exciting sessions you can have with a Mistress, where the Domme uses the threat of the spanking in an erotic way. The spanking itself helps you feel totally at the mercy of the cruel Mistress and the only thing you have to protect you is your safe word.