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BDSM Dungeon Rental

BDSM Dungeons for hire for you to have your fetish sessions in, find a local BDSM Dungeon rental service here. We have listings of Dungeon rental services for the use and equipment rental of Dungeons and BDSM Studios.

BDSM Dungeons are well equipped BDSM play Studio’s that are themed and equipped with Bondage play equipment.

Rent a Dungeon

We list Dungeons, BDSM Studios and assorted fetish play spaces that are available to hire for personal and group BDSM fun. Some of the spaces are Dungeons fully equipped with large amounts of Dungeon Equipment available for you to use during your rent period.

The benefit of renting a dungeon is that over the years of these dungeons being around they have accumulated a wide range of expensive and often bespoke dungeon equipment. You gain the space to play in as well as the use of all the very nice equipment the dungeon has to offer.

BDSM Studio for Rent

Some places are more than a dungeon and have a full studio for play, photography and filming. We like you to refer to the websites of the Studio or Dungeon for full details of what is available to hire, for how long and for what price.

Please support these ventures as the more people rent dungeons and BDSM Studios the widely available they will become. Some of the Dungeons and BDSM Studios also run regular events at the premises and these can be found on the websites.

Dungeons For Hire

We will be adding to our list of Dungeons for hire round the world so if you need a new Dungeon to work from or want a fun BDSM Dungeon to go to with your play partner/s then we have the Dungeon guide for you.

Find a BDSM playroom for to live out all your fantasies in. You may be surprised how many professional dungeons there are to rent by the hour and the day out there. You never know there may be a dungeon for hire next door to you and you never knew it.

These Dungeons tend not to be available to hire on Air B&B so find the ultimate Dungeon for hire in your city. We have seen there are dungeons for hire in London, Athens, Sydney and pretty much every city round the world.

Some Dungeons even let you hire them by the night. Imagine staying the night in a dungeon packed out with all the fetish and BDSM equipment you have dreamed of in your most kinky dreams.

Bdsm Dungeons For Hire

London is full of intrigue and mystery, and if you scratch beneath the surface you will discover the sinister swindles taking place in the capital’s BDSM sex dungeons. Located in the hip and vibrant East End of London, the London Sex Dungeon Association (LSA) and its partners provide a tangled atmosphere to explore all your fetishes and desires. 

On two floors there is a great living area and kitchen to start the time, but where the fun really happens is down in the dungeon. The Pussy Room is the dungeon’s own silication room and features a floating chair, fetish swing kitchen and bondage room. BDSM furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from bar tables and chairs to bondage equipment. Each studio has a different bondage cage, each with a full-suspension frame. 

It is an ideal solution if you share a house and have restrictions on guests, late hours and noise. With three large dungeons in town, there are a few other options for those who want to rent a private BDSM play area and enjoy interaction with other Kinkstern. Equipped with suspension and bondage equipment, the Blue Dungeon offers a similar type of session to the red and black dungeons, but you can rent the space in different ways depending on how much risky fun you want. From jumping ropes to bragging, there is everything you need and a place to play when you have the kinks in you. 

This is an invitation-only area, but you’d expect much more than you’d expect from a private BDSM dungeon in the heart of the city. 

You can bring your own, but you will also find spanked benches to explore your fantasies, and a discreet entrance ensures your privacy, while a complete dungeon with a variety of different types of BDSM activities will get your blood pumping going. You will also find many private rooms for private parties and private dungeons for public events such as weddings and parties. 

Dom, Domina and Submissive are all available, whether you want a full-fledged dungeon or just a private room for private parties and private dungeons. 

Because Hire Dungeon Rental is one of the largest and most experienced dungeon rental companies in the world and offers the perfect playground for adults to live out their tangled fantasies. Whether you are looking for a BDSM or fetish experience or want to learn a new technique or skill, our experienced Dom, Domme and Submissive can provide you with the right experience. Mistress Scarlett also has a team of professional dungeon instructors, dungeon masters and dungeon trainers who are always on hand to hold sessions tailored to the client’s specific fetish or kink. Fetish House offers a safe and experienced environment for everyone, from beginners to experienced gamers or just someone who wants to experiment in a safer and more exciting environment.

You can rent our dungeons for private use, including private play sessions, private parties, group sessions or even group sessions. It’s an important way to stay in touch with like-minded people – and a great way to bond and connect. 

BDSM Studio Rental

Barnet host monthly BDSM events and fetish parties, so there are more ways to have naughty fun than just one. Area kinks or fetishists can sign up to use our private dungeon facilities, explore, attend classes, attend parties and mingle with like-minded people without judgment. If you’re ready to brave the offline BDSM community, newcomers can start to immerse themselves in our online community of more than 1,000 members. 

The sensual activities you and your partner enjoy can be funny, quiet, serious or silly, yet still fall under the BDSM umbrella. You don’t have to be the most intense or a BDSM enthusiast, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. 

The best resource to find a part of the BDSM community is to behave on our site, the cage is free and anonymous, or just look for BDSM events in your area. 

Players of all levels are welcome to experiment with their convoluted fantasies, and you can casually rent a dungeon for an overnight stay. There are sex dungeons that can be rented for the night, but there is no limit to the number of nights a sex dungeon can and can rent. 

Rental of sex dungeons includes access to an extensive collection of equipment and toys, and there are a variety of different types of sex dungeons with different levels of customization. There is music and lighting that can be controlled, as well as the ability to control the dungeon design, lighting, sound system and other aspects of its environment.

When you decide to find your place in the BDSM world, try not to bring expectations with you. When you take your holiday sex to the next level of the BDSM game, you can decide whether you want to make it a lifestyle or have fun occasionally