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Lady Liv Ragnarok Dominatrix




​When you come to play with Me, you will find yourself quivering at the sight of My full, perfect ass and graceful back. My long, slender toes will turn you into a salivating animal. My soft, strong body bestown with soft fragrant natural hair might seem to pull you into my orbit like a planet pulls a wayward star. …And yet it is so much more than these physical attributes that draw you. My soothing honey-sweet voice can fall softly like warm rain, or crackle like booming thunder. My eyes dance with an inner ferocity and preternatural cunning. When you witness the grace of My supple, muscular limbs, My regal countenance, and My sharp intellect, you will understand that I am no ordinary woman. I am a Goddess of Sex and War.

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At times I am like the ice of a distant glacier, the tenderness of a Nordic Spring, or the heat of the midnight sun. Strong, tough, passionate and inspired— both bawdy and intellectual in nature: I am a puzzle of pungent, feral sexuality and calculating thought that you could never hope to best. You will never conquer Me, so allow me to charter your journey, and guide you on this brave adventure. 

I could seize what I want, but I’d rather coax it from you bit by bit. I will lay siege to your spirit as I conquer your body— perhaps gently, perhaps with force. It is my dearest wish to see you in the throes of ecstasy and totally vulnerable before me, ready to challenge or be challenged in my honor. I may surprise you with my compassion in such moments. Those with a courageous heart are granted the keys to heaven.

Some Notes From Admirers:

“When I first reached out to you, I had little idea how well we would connect! I love how creative you are. Especially while crafting a scene involving taboo fetishes such as race-play and adult baby/sissy/mommy. I love how you switch effortlessly between sadistic and nurturing moments and sometimes even combine the two, it’s brilliant. You are also great at reading me and adjusting or developing the scene beautifully. In that process, I have learned so much about myself that I did not know before, and have you to thank for that. Thank you also for the positive energy you bring, it really is infectious!! Thank you for being so wonderful. I can’t wait for our next time!!”

​Lady Liv Ragnarok is a San Francisco Dominatrix

“i’m so happy i got a chance to play with You – i really had an amazing time and am glad to have explored some new things. It was all so fun and so exciting, and i’d do all of those things again! i appreciate the words of support – it definitely has taken me a long time to get comfortable with this aspect of my sexuality. i really enjoy it but have a hard time expressing it with others, but You made it so easy and comfortable. thank you.”

“I just want to say thank you for a truly amazing session.  I had a total blast and your feet were absolutely delicious.  Thanks again!”

​“Astonishing role play. There is no one else like You. No one else as twisted as You.”

Activities that I adore:

ALL role play… And I mean all of it. From Amazon to incest to cannibalism and beyond! I thrive in improvisational scenes. As a writer, My fantasy life is rich and vivid. I can enliven yours in ways you can only begin to imagine. 

ALL types of humiliation and degradation, especially hot wife, hot mommy, race play, cuckold fantasy and bimbo-fication/slut training.

Piercing and sounding. Let Me penetrate you, if you dare. 

Bondage, predicaments and impossible scenarios. From mind fucks to unbreakable webs, I love to capture and ensnare. 

Impact play, especially OTK spanking! I have a strong arm and a soft lap. You can cry into my thighs. It is, after all, for your own good. 

Sensual sessions, such as tease and denial, edging and orgasm control, toy shows and ass worship. Your pleasure is my pleasure when I run the show. 

ALL CBT, light to ball-busting. I just love using you as the sack of flesh you are. 

Wrestling. I’m comfortable with semi-competitive as well as playful. I also love pins, holds and lift/carry sessions. 

Tickle torture. I especially enjoy tickle switch sessions with light bondage! The breathlessness and total loss of control thrill me. 

Breath play. From chokeholds to facesitting, smothering to waterboarding, I am highly experienced with this fetish and can guarantee a safe, albeit frightfully erotic experience. 

Smoking sessions. A cinematic fetish that often goes hand in hand with naughty role play. 

Fetishes, such as ADBL, clothing, and anything specific. I have always loved the niche, the fringe. You can tell me. I won’t bat an eye. 

…And you tell me. Email me about your dearest desires. I love exploring my sexuality and pushing boundaries, both yours and my own. Don’t hesitate to propose the strange, specific or taboo— I’ll probably love it! 


I also offer sessions in which I am submissive or switchy. When I submit to you, I might be bratty or eager, naughty or obedient, but deep down I just want to please you and make you proud. Punish me, tease me, humiliate me… then tell me I’m doing good and watch me blush with pleasure. I enjoy tickling, bondage, spanking, bondage, desperation play and verbal humiliation as a submissive. I particularly love being submissive and switchy with other Mistresses. If you really want to see me get punished, book a double session!

I love playing with people of all genders and experience levels, couples and other Mistresses, and I fondly remember tokens and gifts. Some of my favorite things are gift certificates to REI as well as quality lingerie and fetish stores, and handwritten notes and artwork.

I’m 35 years old, 5’7” and I have been playing professionally since December 2016.

You may contact Liv via email at:



Twitter @LivRagnarok

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