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Mistress Lucy Lash

Welcome, slave! On your knees before me! I’m Mistress Lucy Lash, your smart, sadistic and sensual German Mistress. I will make you suffer, submit and squirm in pain and pleasure. I offer JOI, CEI, CBT and SPH as well as feminization, sissification, discipline, humiliation, worship and all kinds of perverted role play including cuckolding and mommy/daddy play. I love turning you into a bisexual slut and teach you how to give a proper blow job before I fill your holes with my strap on or even pimp you out to earn money for me.
You have a weird fetish that you’re hesitant to even talk about? Great! Come explore your darkest desires with me.

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Offered Services
Jerk Off Instructions
Cum eating Instructions
Small Penis Humiliation
Cock and Ball T0rture
sissification/feminization including dress up
foot and heel worship
coerced bisexuality
pegging (3 different strapons vailable)
blow job training
spying on anydesk/teamviewer
role play (including mommy/daddy, teacher/student, abduction, furry)
financial domination
giantess play
piss play
dress up (ask me for outfits – pvc, leather, fake fur, mesh, fishnets, shiny leggings, stockings, masks, wigs, a variety of heels etc)


Interview With Mistress Lucy Lash

Q: Firstly, can we ask your Mistress name:
Hello, my name is Mistress Lucy Lash.
Q How did you choose your Mistress name?
There’s a German TV character called Lucy (from Luzie der Schrecken der Straße) that I like, she’s a very naughty young girl who causes much trouble. Lash comes from whiplash and I guess it’s self explanatory why I like that…
Q:  How did your interest start BDSM?
I’ve always been a kinkster somehow. As a teenager I started having a heel fetish and I was really into fetish fashion. I was a teenage goth and knew a lot of people from the fetish scene which was overlapping with the goth scene a lot. I admired the strong women and dommes in the scene and wanted to be like them. I actively started practicing kink in my early twenties and have been involved with the BDSM scene almost ten years now.
Q: How long have you been a Professional Dominatrix?
I’ve been a professional online domme for close to 3 years now.
Q: Do you enjoy your being a professional Dominatrix?
I love it! There’s nothing like developing a really kinky scene and taking full control of a submissive who trusts me enough to let themselves fall into it.
Q: What advice would you give any new or aspiring Mistress / Dominatrix looking to go Pro?
I would tell her to really go deep and ask herself what her intention is. I believe that BDSM is about making connection. A good dominatrix is not only strong and intimidating, she also needs a lot of empathy and creativity.
Q: What would your words of advice would you offer a first time client?
Find a mistress you can trust and stick with her! Amazing things are possible when mutual trust is established. Treat your mistress well, respect her time, energy and boundaries. And remember to always stay humble! You are not entitled to get anything from your mistress!
Q: Do you find having a German accent appeals to many foreign clients?
I actually don’t have a German accent because I lived in the US for a while. There are clients who love to hear German words though. I love how German is thought of as a kinky language!
Q:You have quite a unique style, do you find this helps you stand out from the other Mistresses?
Thank you, yes I think that does help. Like mentioned above, I’ve been into fetish fashion and fashion in general since I was a teenager. I love to look glamorous and I have quite a collection of clothes and heels.
Q: What are your favourite type of sessions?
I enjoy many things and I’m always open to and learning about new fetishes. My absolute favorites would probably be strapon play (including, but not limited to, forced bisexuality), sissification and role play. I just love it when my huge strapon turns a slave into a slutty cock hungry bottom and he experiences the pleasure of true surrender and submission. There’s so much power in fucking someone stupid. Being pansexual myself I love anything queer and deeply enjoy turning a slave into a faggot slut and blowjob bitch. My love for sissification comes from a similar place – I think it’s beautiful to turn someone into a sissy and enable them to explore their femininity. I’m personally not into humiliating sissies as ugly or not feminine enough for that reason. Fun fact: my first boyfriend was a sissy! With sissies I can explore my sweeter and more nurturing side, the Mommy in me. Which of course doesn’t mean that I can’t also be nasty and humiliating at the same time – Mommy is mean sometimes! I mentioned role play mainly because I love the creativity of it. I have all kinds of kinky scenarios in my head all of the time and building one together with a slave is a special kind of fun. I can come up with the most outrageous scenes and characters! A regular of mine calls me the ‘role play queen’ for a reason.
Q: What is the most unusual request you been asked?
That’s a good question – after almost 3 years of domming I don’t find many things unusual anymore. I remember very early on there was a request for a role play where I was in the role of a mean witch who turned a sub into a fat girl as punishment for misbehaving and then fat shamed the girl. I thought that was a quite unusual twist of this situation. I love it when subs have really weird outrageous fantasies like this one.
Q: What equipment do use for your sessions?
I have all kinds of toys but the one i I use by far the most is my huge 23 cm / 9 inch natural looking strapon. Sub sluts just love that thing and how could I disagree! I feel very powerful when I wear it.
Q: What is your favourite piece of equipment?
I personally love my chastity cage. What a great invention! There are just so many tiny useless cocks that should be locked away for good.
Q: What is the most asked for outfit for sessions?
It’s mostly black pvc and wetlook outfits which I personally love so that’s a great match. I also have this long black wetlook dress that is very modest from the front and has a breathtaking ass reveal in the back. That one always gets the boys to the yard!
Q: If a client if looking to buy you a gift on as well as a tribute what would be a good gift?
I love heels! I already have quite a collection of fetish heels but I want more! I’m especially smitten by Pleaser boots – the higher the better. So a Pleaser or Amazon gift card for new heels is perfect for me.
Q: What is the longest session you have every had?
I have a sub who is into extreme edging and I once edged him for four hours milking his cock drop by drop. He didn’t even get to come at the end.
Q: How long do you see being a professional Dominatrix for?
For as long as I enjoy it! I think in my case this could be for a good ten or twenty years longer. I believe that strong women like me get better when we age, we ripen like good wine. I’m excited to keep on learning and growing together with my subs.
Q: How has the Covid lock down affect your sessions?
Since I only do online sessions it hasn’t affected me as much as other dommes but of course I feel the global crisis hovering above our heads. I really wish my fellow dommes and hoes the best, we have to stick together in these difficult days. And I hope that our subs and clients realize how important it is to support their favorite dommes and hoes in these days as much as they can. I do believe that this pandemic will change the world we live in dramatically but this can also be a positive transformation in the long run. I think online domming will grow even bigger and it’s a great chance to connect with subs all over  the world!

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