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Mistress Directory

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Welcome to the exclusive Mistress and Dominatrix Directory at Art of Domination. Only enter if you are 21 or over – You have been warned.

We list Professional Dominatrix’s but never think these are dominatrix for hire.

Dominatrix Directory Worldwide

Find the ideal Mistress for your pathetic fantasy here. We have listed only the finest Mistresses around the globe so sure you up to the challenge! Our exclusive Mistress directory serves to provide these elite Mistresses with clients and what happens between you and the Mistress after this introduction has nothing to do with the Art of Domination website.

Please ensure that all services entered into with said Mistress is legal in the country in which you intend to serve in. These pages within are for the eyes of the over 21 years of age user who is open minded and looking to serve a Mistress and understands the etiquette of approaching a elite Mistress.

We are always looking for new Mistresses to list on our fine Mistress directory therefore if you wish to be listed please fill in the form below and be sure to post up our banner on your website before replying to us. We aim to have all new Mistress listings that have posted the banner to Art of Domination up within 48 hours. If we fall short of this we do apologies.


Mistress Domination

We not only list ProDomme listings but we have a burgening blog looking into the role of the Mistress in Domination. We will explain all of the ins and outs of the dynamic between the sub and the Dominant Mistress.

There are many types of Dominatrix in the world, from typical good looks to cruel gothic Dommes and all types in between. We love to delve into the power a Mistress has in the Domination of clients of both sexes. Mistresses exude Dominant attitudes in voice, looks and most importantly attitude.

When you meet a true dominant Mistress you will feel the power of persuasion radiating from every pour. Mistresses do not need to dress the part to be Dominant but the dressing just makes the domination even more powerful.

World Mistresses Directory

We list Mistresses from all parts of the globe and hope to become the global number one Mistress Directory. Along with your Mistress listing we also offer a blog service where you can host your thoughts, insights into the world of being the Pro Mistress/Dominatrix. We find that having a external Dominatrix / Mistress Blog gives fantastic exposure and can help to bring in a better educated client base.

We list the finest Dominatrix from all over the world in this directory as well as doing question and answer sessions. Our question and answer sessions allow you to get to know the Mistress before you make contact, This helps as you will understand the Mistress that little bit before you make a fool of yourself. By reading our Mistress question and answers you can put your mind at rest and learn more about the Dominatrix you would like to contact. Always be polite when contacting a Mistress and never ever be pushy.

ProDomme Directory and Guide

ProDomme Directory and Guide.  A ProDomme is a person who offers Domination as a service to willing clients who are willing to submit in exchange for a compensating the Domme for her time. ProDomme’s are professionals who enjoy the world of being Dominant so much they make a profession out of it hence the term ProDomme.

Dominatrix & Mistress Guide

We offer a listing for Dominatrix’s and Mistresses in our guide who do incall and out call Domination services. We are adding to our Mistress guide daily and will not only list the Worlds finest Dominatrix’s and Mistresses. But we will also do a Mistress Guide explaining what all the services, BDSM terms. We aim to be the ultimate guide to Dominas and the world of submission to a Mistress. We are always looking for new articles for our Mistress Guide so any budding writers out there looking to help us write the Ultimate Mistress Guide we would love to hear from you.

Writing a Mistress Guide is a ever evolving piece of work, the world of BDSM is ever changing and we will guide you through it. We aim to have more resources than the likes of Fetlife and more user friendly. Lets us be your guide into the world of Mistresses, Dominatrix’s, Pro Submissives and Humiliatrix’s.

Mistress Directory UK, USA and World

We aim to be the biggest Mistress Directory on the Internet listing the finest Mistresses and Dominatrix’s around the globe. We will be adding more and more listings as we get bigger and please add your own listing here.

Domina Guide and Directory

There are many names for the Professional Dominant Woman with Domina being one of them. We are the guide for Dominatrix’s, Mistress, Domina’s and Humiliatrix’s. If you are seeking a Domina then we are the guide for you.

FemDom Directory

You will find the ultimate Femdom’s here to submit to. Find Mistresses from all round the world from London Mistresses to Mistresses from Paris.
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Dominatrix's, Mistresses and Dungeons

We list the best Dominatrix’s, Mistresses and Dungeons

1- List your Services

List your services. We promote this site to people seeking your services so you can get more clients. We offer free and paid listing, depending on your desired level of coveridge.

2- Promote

Use your listing to promote your services. Paid listings allows you to ad special offers, touring dates, special events and also your paid for content to sell to those who can not visit you.

3- Convert

Turn your visitors into paying customers with exciting offers and services on your page.

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Mistress Guide 

This Mistress Guide will guide you through the world of Professional Mistresses and Dominatrix’s. Never think of these Professional Mistresses as a Dominatrix for hire. We have produced a guide on what it is like to seek a ProDomme’s time in exchange for a tribute.

Mistress Guide Facts

  • We list interviews with real life Pro Mistresses 
  • You will learn about the etiquette of being a sub to a ProDomme
  • You will learn the lingo and terms used on a Mistresses profile
  • To never see these Mistresses as a Dominatrix for hire
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